New Design Box Lille

This box brings you exciting new works from some of Europe’s best young design talent. Here’s some more info on your New Design Gift Box!

What makes this gift box so Anders*?
1. All of the products are imported from Europe and not available anywhere else in the U.S.
2. Did you see the number inside the lid of the box? That’s because these boxes are sold in a limited quantity, before we move on to other themes and products!

*Anders is Dutch for different.

About Foekje Fleur, the designer behind the Bubble Buddy

Foekje Fleur (1988, Rotterdam The Netherlands) came to design the Bubble Buddy after designing these porcelain flower vases. They are made in the shape of the plastic bottles carrying cleaning products. Plastic waste she found along the shores of the river Maas, which runs through her home town of Rotterdam. This design aimed to start a conversation about waste, 'plastic soup' in our oceans and our single use culture.

But the vases didn't actively contribute to solving that problem, which is how she came to the Bubble Buddy. Made from recycled plactic and with a bar of soap, an environmentally friendlier alternative to cleaning products that have a lot of added water to it.

About Archive Studio Amsterdam

Lynn and Wouter are both from the Netherlands, but worked for multinationals and lived in Spain and Sweden for 6 years. Then they decided to set up their own compan: Archive Studio Amsterdam.

The idea is to build an ever growing collection of tableware that all fits together, but has different textures, colors and shaped. This way the user builds their own collection and Send us a message if you are interested in more of the terracotta cups (in stock) or their other tableware (which we use at home, it's beautiful!).

All Archive Studio products are handmade in a Vietnamese workshop by crafts people. The cooperation with this small producer has been recognized by the EU as a program supporting the local economy and has exempted them from paying import duties.

COCO Chocolatier, the art of chocolate

It's easy to see where the tagline 'the art of chocolate' originates. These amazing wrappers, designed by different independent European artist, make the chocolate a treat to look at before even opening them up!

The chocolatiers at COCO are creative as well, they have free reign to create surprising flavors. Their collection has featured combinations like Earl Grey Tea, Gin & Tonic, Lavender and Barrel Aged Smoked Coffee.