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We captured the fun of culinary discoveries in a gift box. You'll be surprised how well cheese pairs with (*drumroll*) tea!...
We captured the fun of culinary discoveries in a gift box. You'll be surprised how well cheese pairs with (*drumroll*) tea! We'll help you get the combo just right, so this will make a great conversation starter. This gift box is great for foodies, people who love to entertain, cookbook collectors and that friend who'll try any type of food at least once! Box measures 12x12x6 inches and weighs 4.0 lbs.

Unique products inspired by culinary discoveries

We handpicked these products, most of which are exclusively available in the US through Anders.
P&T is a speciality tea company founded in Berlin. Inspired by tea’s legacy throughout the ages as an agent of communication, creativity and culture. Inside the box is a product card with a link to a special page with tips on pairing tea and cheese.
Clippe was invented in 1967 in Italy as a factory producing pots tried to make use of the remnants of a metal plate that pots are molded from. The metal clothespin has evolved into a collection of items, like this tea strainerExclusively available in the US through Anders.
Laguiole knives have a French heritage and are easily recognized by the bee or fly on top of the handle. This set of 3 cheese knives will equip you for any cheese (we'll show you how to use them, no worries). Exclusively available in the US through Anders.
Nicolas Vahé is a French chef who moved to Denmark to launch his own brand of kitchenware and foods. This classic Fig & Walnut confit (a sort of preserve) started it all and makes for a great combination with any cheese. Anders is the first retailer in the US to sell this product.
Dutch company RESCUED tries to literally save things from being regarded as trash. This teacup-shaped candle of recycled wax comes on a sandblasted vintage saucer. Exclusively available in the US through Anders.
In a box pairing cheese with tea, we thought you might miss the wine. You can’t drink this soap made with Riesling and Pinot Noir grapes, but it will leave your skin looking radiant. Made of pure plant-based oils and a certified organic product. This German company, Klar Seifen, has been around since 1840!


Luxurious packaging 

We want the unboxing to be exciting and inspiring, so we spent a lot of time designing our packaging.
Anders Flavor Gift Box Closed Anders Gift Box Numbered Anders Gift Box Flavor Product Info Card
Each box has its own pattern, made up of the products' shapes of that theme. It contrasts the geometric grid pattern, because our products are ‘anders’, which means different in Dutch. We stock limited quantities of our boxes and then move on to something ‘anders’ (Dutch for different). This is why we number each box, reflecting its exclusivity.

Inside each box there’s a card with product info, because we feel knowing the stories behind the products really helps to make them even more special and memorable.


Personalized gift tag

Write a heartfelt, personal message to the recipient (you will see it when you check out). If you are shipping to yourself, you can also leave the message field blank and hand write your gift tag at home. The tag matches the design of the box and is attached with a chic ribbon. Send us a message if you are sending different gifts to different recipients. That's pas de probleme (no problem).



More info in your inbox 

The fun doesn’t stop with the box itself. We created a page with even more must-know info for each box. The link to the page is inside each box on the product info card, but we will also send it to you by email. 
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There’s no information about pricing on the products or the box itself, nor is there a packing slip in your order, so it’s gift-ready as it arrives!

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